SUNNY THE MAIL SNAIL will send your child a weekly adventure letter.  They will hear about animals and places in the world.  The letters are silly, fun and educational.  Plus kids feel important getting their own mail.  Engage their curiosity in animals and nature.

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The Shop / Mailbox Mutts Plush and Mailbox PlaySet Includes 4 real letters!

Mailbox Mutts Plush and Mailbox PlaySet Includes 4 real letters!



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Product Description

Got mail? There’s one cute little plush pup that sure does, coming straight to kids’ mailboxes with fun letters filled with adventurous stories and educational facts about animals and geography. Mailbox Mutts is a unique plush 25-piece playset with super soft cuddly BFF friend Milo who comes in a pretend play mailbox and so much more. This playset includes a redemption card to get four REAL letters from Milo. This hardworking pup delivers personalized letters to kids each week. It’s a unique gift that makes reading fun and fosters imagination year-round! This gift can be shared with the whole family and creates a reading experience meant to engage young minds and foster imagination. Plus, kids feel so very important getting their own mail.


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