SUNNY THE MAIL SNAIL will send your child a weekly adventure letter.  They will hear about animals and places in the world.  The letters are silly, fun and educational.  Plus kids feel important getting their own mail.  Engage their curiosity in animals and nature.


How often will we receive a letter from Sunny?


What age group is best suited for Sunny's letters?

SUNNY's letters are perfect for kids aged 3-7. They are perfect to read to or with your child.

Can I get the letter sent to all my kids for the same price?

YES! Sunny's letters can be enjoyed by all the children for the same monthly price. A perfect, affordable gift for all the children in your household.

If this is a gift, what can I give in the gift bag so they know they have the subscription?

You can click on this link here , and print this certificate to present.

Can we write to Sunny?

Sunny is pretty busy delivering mail around the globe and doesn't have too much time to answer personal letters YET but we are working on this and hope to have something set up soon. Stay tuned!

Can we cancel anytime?

YES - you can cancel anytime.


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