SUNNY THE MAIL SNAIL will send your child a weekly adventure letter.  They will hear about animals and places in the world.  The letters are silly, fun and educational.  Plus kids feel important getting their own mail.  Engage their curiosity in animals and nature.

About Us


Thanks so much for visiting our website and learning about Sunny the Mail Snail. Sunny was created many years ago while, I was homeschooling my kids. My youngest wasn't interested in books and was a struggling reader. It was such a chore to get him to read! I not only wanted him to read, but I wanted him to LOVE reading! As a child, I grew up with my nose in a book! I learned about the world and traveled everywhere through books. So, determined and dismayed, I created "Sunny the Mail Snail" and sent him a weekly letter. He felt SO important getting his own mail every week. He ran to the mailbox and read and re-read Sunny's letters. He learned about the world, animals and insects too. Eventually, he caught on just as they all do eventually. I have now polished up those letters and would like to share them with kids around the world.

Recently, I pulled all the letters out, dusted them off, polished them up and want to share them with kids around the world! I imagine parents reading the letters to and with the younger children and discussing the questions and facts on a deeper level. I hope the letters provoke questions, giggles and pique curiosity. It is my intent to promote imagination while creating a love for animals and travel.

It makes my heart happy to know that kids are loving Sunny around the world. Feel free to reach out anytime through Sunny's email at:

Thanks again for your visit here and enjoy.
Best Wishes,
Wendy Lattimore


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